magnetic card head

Magnetic Heads and Magnet Cardheads

Market segments
- PCB Assembly
- Inductive Elements, Transformers, Filters
- Cables
- Tool manufacturing
and Injection Moulding
- Ferrites
- Nanocrystal
- Magnetic Heads

Welcome to the Magnetic Heads homepage
of Tommy Invest Electronics Llc.

Tommy Invest Electronic LLC. produces and develops several types of equipments using magnetic technology. The magnetic stripe and magnetic card systems became an inevitable part of our life. Magnetic heads are recording, reading and deleting data in all equipments using tapes or cards. These are working with magnetic heads using the advantages of magnetism.
Tommy Invest Electronic LLC. undertakes the production, planning and development of standard and specific types of magnetic heads. Our products can currently be found at home electronics in magnetic stripe systems, at bank electronics in ATMs and on the area of medical electronics.

Our company is an experienced producer of magnetic heads and offers high technical quality to all of its consumers. Our products cover the whole range from micro-cassette heads to 9-channel heads, including recording, playing, deleting and combined types. The materials used for the production come from the best manufacturers of the world. Experiencing reality-like, clear and dynamic sounds would be impossible without the wide frequency transfer range of the magnetic heads and without the favorable sign/noise relationship.

Advantages of magnetic storage:

  • able to store a big amount of data
  • no accidental access
  • mainly for storing and archiving
  • practical, easy usage
  • water-, dust- and shockproof
  • economical

Please take a look at our page about magnetic head production and inform yourself about further services of TI Electronic LLC.!